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DRAFT - BEL Language Committee Guidelines


BEP: BEL Enhancement Proposal

Personal Conduct:

All members of BEL Language committee are required to conduct themselves at all times, in a professional manner and with respect in dealings with other members.

Behavior that is prohibited by the Code of Conduct can immediately result in removal of a reviewer upon the discretion of the other reviewers.

General Membership Requirements

  • Understand the committee’s role and purpose within the BEL community.
  • Stay informed about relevant matters affecting the committee’s business.
  • Attend all committee meetings or where attendance is not possible, advise of an inability to attend in a timely manner.
  • Participate actively and work cooperatively with other committee members and BEL community members.
  • Prepare for all committee meetings by reading and considering the agenda items, papers circulated and other relevant documents.
  • Not improperly influence other committee members
  • Make new points succinctly without reiterating at length points already made.
  • Participate constructively in committee activities in a lawful, ethical and justifiable manner.
  • Participate regularly, lack of activity as a reviewer can be grounds for removal from the committee. No activity for a quarter (3 months) after calls for assistance with reviewer duties will justify removal.


All members have a responsibility to ensure efficient and effective operations of the committee, avoid extravagant and wasteful use of resources and ensure actions are consistent with the role and purpose of the committee.

Three reviewer approvals are required to approve a BEP and move it from the Draft folder to the Published folder. One reviewer’s vote against a BEP (with feedback on whether the issue requiring disapproval can be mitigated and how) will keep a BEP from progressing to Published (and may move it into the Rejected folder/status).

Managing BEP's and Record Keeping

All documentation produced by the committee forms part of the BEL Language committee records and should be maintained in accordance with the standards. Ensure adequate procedures are followed for documenting decisions and actions of the committee.

BEL Enhancement Proposals will be managed out of the BEP github repository as Pull Requests and follow the template provided (which may be updated from time to time).

Reviewers of BEP’s will be added as members of the Github BEP repo with write authority to accept Pull Requests and make edits to BEP repository.

Ethics and Confidentiality

  • Respect confidential discussions and not misuse any information obtained through membership of the committee.
  • Openly declare any matters of private interest and record any issues with the potential for conflict or perceived conflict to ensure they are transparent and capable of review.
  • Where appropriate, disqualify themselves from committee discussions and decisions where a conflict of interest occurs. For example, an author of a BEP should not be a reviewer of said BEP.


Where members are unsure of their obligations or responsibilities under the Code of Conduct, the member should contact any of the BEL Language Committee Founding Reviewers for assistance:

  • Natalie Catlett, ncatlett at
  • John Bachman, bachmanjohn at
  • Charlie Hoyt, charles.hoyt at
  • William Hayes, whayes at


  • 2018-05-29 Started this document based on discussions at BEL Conference 2018 in Boston, MA