A Polymer Web Component that fetches the Tube Line Status
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TFL Status Component

This is a Web Component that uses Polymer to create it and to provide a fallback in case the browser doesn't suppoer web components.

It provides a component that fetches the Tube Status updates with everything necessary encapsulated on one place.

It uses a YQL url to fetch the data XML, so it can be real time fetched with javascript.

You can find a working demo here: http://beldar.github.io/tfl-status/

To know more about web components there are tons of resources available.



You have to have installed bower, and compass. To install the first two you'll need node too.


Once you have all those and cloned the repo, go to the root of the project and run:

bower install

That will download all the js and css dependencies of the project.

Then run:

npm install

This will download all the node dependencies (including grunt)

Finally you can launch the demo running:

grunt serve

You can build the project ready for production like this:

grunt build

That will leave everything ready on the /dist folder

How to use

There's an example/demo on the index.html of this project, but basically, you first need to include the platform.js:

<script src="bower_components/platform/platform.js"></script>

Then, just below import the html of the element:

<link rel="import" href="elements/tfl-status.html">

And finally place the element where you want it using the attributes that you need:

<polymer-tfl-status refresh="5000"></polymer-tfl-status>

The refresh attribute defines how often the element should refresh the data feed in miliseconds.

You can also define a with and height:

<polymer-tfl-status refresh="5000" width="300px" height="500px"></polymer-tfl-status>

Attributes summary

Attribute Functionality Default
refresh Defines the rate of the data refresh 3000ms
width Defines the component width 100%
height Defines the component height auto

Events and API

The components fires an event called line-clicked when the user clicks a Tube line and returns the data from the line, there's an example of how to use this on the index.html, which is:

    document.addEventListener('WebComponentsReady', function() {
        var el = document.getElementsByTagName('polymer-tfl-status')[0];
        el.addEventListener('line-clicked', function(e){
            console.log(e.type, e.detail.line);

For now the element has only one method api which is stop() that stops the refreshing of the component and it stops requesting for more data:

var el = document.getElementsByTagName('polymer-tfl-status')[0];