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Entry for Ludum Dare #38
JavaScript HTML CSS
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HTML5 game entry for Ludum Dare #38, a 48-hour solo game jam.

Play online:

Initial scaffolding generated with generator-gamejam.



This games uses gulp for building and tasks automation.

You can install gulp with npm:

npm install -g gulp


Clone this repository and install dependencies:

git clone belen-albeza/ldjam-38
cd ldjam-38
npm install

To build the game, run the dist task from the project root:

gulp dist

The dist folder will contain a build of the game. You can then start a local server that serves this directory statically to play the game in local:

npm install -g http-server
http-server dist

You can clean up the temporary files and the dist folder by running:

gulp clean


This project uses Browserify to handle JavaScript modules.

There is a task that will automatically run Browserify when a JavaScript file changes, and it will also reload the browser.

gulp run

You can deploy to Github Pages with the deploy task, which will build the project and then push the dist folder in the gh-pages branch.

gulp deploy
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