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Error fail to open stream #2

nielskramer opened this Issue Jan 3, 2013 · 6 comments

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Your extion looks great. But when i attempt to use it I get a error on the autoload function in YiiBase.

include(EMenu.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

The steps i followed to install the widget are the ones listed on your site :

Download archive with extension
Uncompress menu extension to folder protected/extensions
Create item array
Use widget code

Is there anything obvious i am forgetting or doing wrong ? Because i haven't been using Yii for a long time.



@belichuk belichuk was assigned Jan 3, 2013
belichuk commented Jan 3, 2013

I think the problem is that the extension was downloaded from github. Оriginal name is different from the name of a github. Please open your protected/extensions folder and find folder "menu-master" and rename this folder to "menu". Than you can use $this->widget('', array('items' => $items));


The folder is already named menu.
This is the current path : protected/extensions/menu
In that folder i placed the EMenu.php.
And it contains a assets folder with all the CSS and JS files.

belichuk commented Jan 3, 2013

This problem with autoload.
Try do next step:
1. Open for edit config file and add element '*' to import array.
2. In view file plase next code: <?php $this->widget('EMenu', array('items' => $items)); ?>

@belichuk belichuk closed this Jan 3, 2013
@belichuk belichuk reopened this Jan 3, 2013

Thanks for you help but this also didnt solve the problem.
I do have a different error message now though,:
Fatal error: Class 'EMenu' not found in C:\Users\Niels\SkyDrive\www\Yiiroot\framework\web\CWidgetFactory.php on line 148


After a couple of days i finally found the problem. In EMenu.php the file was started with <? instead of <?php.
Might be usefull for other people with the same problem.

Thanks and greetings,,


@belichuk belichuk pushed a commit that closed this issue Jan 11, 2013
Nikolay I. Belichuk fixed #2 af4302a
@belichuk belichuk closed this in af4302a Jan 11, 2013

yeah its quite annoying not being able to use the thing in the first place because of a simple thing like that, thanks to the author but please do update your widget not to use short tags coz not many people use those, its actually bad coding

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