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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#define MAX(a, b) (((a) > (b))?(a) : (b))
#define MIN(a, b) (((a) > (b))?(b) : (a))
#define MAXBYTE_DEDAULT 64 * 1024 * 1024 /* 64M */
#define hashsize(n) ((size_t)1<<(n))
#define hashmask(n) (hashsize(n)-1)
#define ITEM_size (sizeof(lru_item))
#define ITEM_key(item) ((char*)((item)->data)) /* terminal null */
#define ITEM_data(item) (char*) ((item)->data) + (item)->nkey + 1
/* item */
typedef struct lru_item_ {
struct lru_item_ *next;
struct lru_item_ *prev;
struct lru_item_ *h_next; /* hash chain next */
int nbytes; /* size of total items, ITEM_size + nkey + 1 + nvalue*/
uint8_t nkey; /* key len, not include terminal null */
char data[]; /* key and value, include terminal null */
/* stat */
typedef struct lru_stat {
uint64_t total_items;
uint64_t curr_items;
uint64_t total_bytes;
uint64_t malloc;
uint64_t malloc_failed;
uint64_t free_bytes;
uint64_t free;
uint64_t curr_bytes;
uint64_t get_cmds;
uint64_t get_hits;
uint64_t get_misses;
uint64_t set_cmds;
uint64_t set_failed;
uint64_t del_cmds;
uint64_t del_hits;
uint64_t del_misses;
unsigned int hash_find_depth;
uint64_t hash_bytes;
uint64_t evictions;
typedef struct lru{
unsigned int hashpower;
uint64_t max_bytes; /* max used bytes, include item size, not include hash bytes */
lru_item **table; /* hash */
lru_item *head; /* double link head */
lru_item *tail; /* double link tail */
lru_stat stat; /* stat */
#include "hash.h"
lru* lru_init(const uint64_t maxbytes, const unsigned int hashpower);
0 success
1 failed
alloc value buf by caller or add refcount by item...
int item_get(lru *l, const char *key, const size_t nkey, char *buf, const size_t nbuf, size_t *nvalue);
/* 0 success , 1 failed */
int item_set(lru *l, const char *key, const size_t nkey, const char *value, const size_t nvalue);
/* 0 hit, 1 miss */
int item_delete(lru *l, const char *key, const size_t nkey);
#define stat_reset(l) do { \
memset(&(l->stat), 0, sizeof(struct lru_stat)); \
} while(0)
void stat_print(lru *l, char *buf, const int nbuf);
void lru_free(lru *l);