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Example for convert bookmarklet to chrome extension package
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Example: convert bookmarklet to chrome extension package

It is my first training for making chrome extension.

The example uses "jash" javascript shell bookmarklet.

This technique could be applied for converting any bookmarklet to chrome "browserAction" button (right side of the url bar).



  • /manifest.json : descrition for browserAction extension
  • /loader.html : generic background-page HTML
  • /bookmarklet.js : javascript code from bookmarklet code
  • /images/icon.png : required icon image
  • /images/ : generating icon with "convert" (ImageMagick) command


  1. modify manifest.json: "name" and "description" entry
  2. modify icon.png (or modify label and color in, then run it)
  3. modify bookmarklet.js : convert bookmarklet js code into pure js code
  4. build package crx and release it

build with crxmake

install crxmake:

gem install crxmake


sh --pack-extension=jash

build with chrome.exe (on Windows7/Vista with cygwin)


export PATH=/cygdrive/c/Users/$USER/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/Application/:"$PATH"
chrome.exe --pack-extension=jash


for packaging:

for extension specifications:

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