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We're not the id you don't know what to do with, we're the other one.

django-descriptive-id adds a field to django for automatically generated human-readable identifiers.


The DescriptiveIDField field added by django-descriptive-id requires a single parameter prefix, which will be used as the prefix for a unique human-readable character string.


pip install descriptive-id

Add descriptive_id to your installed_apps:



Add a DescriptiveIDField to any model:

from descriptive_id.fields import DescriptiveIDField

number = DescriptiveIDField(prefix='my_prefix')

django-descriptive-id will append a random (but human-readable) string to the given prefix and store the result in the field when an instance is added.

For the above example that might look something like:



If you need to do development over this library, you can make use of the example application to test your developments.

Create a new virtual environment using virtualenv, and install the requirements from the example app into the virtual environment:

pip install -r example/requirements.txt

When you have made changes to the library, install the library into your virtual environment directly:

python install

The example app can then be initialized with migrations that make use of the field with your copy of the code installed.

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