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MapSync allows you to monitor the location of both players and props in your Garry's Mod server from a web browser.
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MapSync allows you to monitor the location of both players and props in your Garry's Mod server from a web browser. It also displays a nice list of players currently in the server.

MapSync is highly extensible and customizable, allowing you to easily add new maps.


  • Map featuring the location of every player and prop on the server.
  • List of players and SteamIDs.
  • Auto-refresh capability.
  • Ability to embed the map, player list, or both into any webpage.
  • Easy to add new maps.
  • Support for both vanilla colors and Evolve admin mod rank colors.
  • Support for most modern web browsers.


MapSync comes in two modules, the Garry's Mod addon that sends map data to a web server, and of course the web server where the webpage will be hosted on. This web server will require a HTTP service such as Apache, as well as PHP with Curl support.

  • To install the Garry's Mod addon, simply place the mapsync-addon folder into your server's addons folder and restart your server.
  • To install the MapSync web service to your server, place the contents of the mapsync-web folder into your server's root folder.


MapSync is easy to configure and use.

  • To allow the map to work properly, you will most likely need to take possession of the mapdata.txt file with your apache user. For example: chown www-data /var/www/html/mapdata.txt
  • To set the URL of your web server, use the mapync_send_url convar to point to your server's processmapdata.php file.
    [Example: mapsync_send_url ""]
  • To set the interval in seconds that the Garry's Mod server will send data to the web server, use the convar mapsync_send_interval. Some hosting companies limit the amount of HTTP requests that can be sent to a server, so keep this in mind when deciding on this value.
  • A key should be used to prevent nefarious activity. To set this, use the convar mapsync_send_key to set a pass key to edit your map, and change the word default in the line $key = "default"; in your processmapdata.php file to your key.
  • You can also decide whether to send prop data to the web server using the convar mapsync_send_props, as sending a large amount of props can sometimes be taxing on both the web server and game server.
  • Optional: To allow the use of player avatars in the player list, you must set an API key in the web server. Do this by opening the frame.php file in a text editor and replacing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in line 1 with a key generated at

Questions Or Comments?

You can contact bellum128 Productions at

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