A Vim plugin for looking up words in an online thesaurus
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Vim Online Thesaurus

This is a plugin for Vim allowing you to look up words in an online thesaurus, which is at the moment configured to be http://thesaurus.com/

The plugin displays the definition of the word under the cursor and a list of synonyms.

The credit for the original idea and code goes to Nick Coleman: http://www.nickcoleman.org/


If you are using Vundle, just add the following line to your .vimrc:

Plugin 'beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus'

Then run :PluginInstall to install the plugin.

Note: Earlier versions required the "Bundle" keyword instead of plugin (i.e. :BundleInstall and Bundle 'beloglazov/vim-online-thesaurus'). However, this is deprecated and should not be used any longer.


The plugin provides the :OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord command to look up the current word under the cursor in an online thesaurus. Alternatively, you can look up any word with :Thesaurus word.

Internally, both commands make a request to http://thesaurus.com/, parse the results, and display them in a vertical split in the bottom.

By default the :OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord command is mapped to <LocalLeader>K. If you haven't remapped <LocalLeader>, it defaults to \. To close the split, just press q.


If you want to disable the default key binding, add the following line to your .vimrc:

let g:online_thesaurus_map_keys = 0

Then you can map the :OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord command to anything you want as follows:

nnoremap <your key binding> :OnlineThesaurusCurrentWord<CR>



Big thanks to the following people who contributed to the development of this plugin!


Copyright (c) Anton Beloglazov, Google Inc. Distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.