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Tiny flexible template for writing Phaser games in ES6/ES2015 with Babel.
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Phaser ES6 Boilerplate

This is a non-professional Phaser template for building standard games using the Phaser framework and ES6/2015.

The original idea was to create a small project that contained a robust gulpfile, a basic example and some kind of folder structure.

Codepen example:


✔ Heavily commented, flexible Gulpfile (that means it uses Gulp).

Browserify + Babelify (Yes, it uses Babel).

Browsersync = Livereload + Mobile debugging with Weinre.

✔ Example: Extending Phaser & modular development.

✔ Production (UglifyJS) and Development (Sourcemaps) builds.

✔ Did I say ES6? Well.. some ES7 too! (See Experimental features).


ES6 is the future!

Anyways, I've been using ES6 for a while in other personal projects, and I currently prefer it over ES5 and Typescript. I found the new Class-based syntax to be a better fit for my developer needs. Unfortunately, the best way to access all the features of the new standard is by using a transpiler. This boilerplate is an attempt to reduce the time spent configurating a project and installing dependencies by providing a template that can work as an scaffold for any Phaser game.


You need Node.js and npm. You should also have git installed, but it's not mandatory.

Clone the repository (or download the ZIP file)

git clone

Install dependencies

npm install

Run a development build...

npm start

...or a production build.

npm run production

Development builds will copy phaser.min.js together with and phaser.js Your ES6 code will be transpiled into ES5 and concatenated into a single file. A sourcemap for your code will also be included (by default

Production builds will only copy phaser.min.js. Your ES6 code will be transpiled and minified using UglifyJS.

Any modification to the files inside the ./src and ./static folder will trigger a full page reload.

If you modify the contents of other files, please manually restart the server.

Modifying gulpfile.js


Changelog (1.0.2)

  • Faster builds (no need to copy static files every time).
  • Live reload now works with static files too!


Please report any bugs or add requests on Github Issues.

About me

My name is Daniel Belohlavek: I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I love to derp around and code silly snippets. You can follow me on Twitter @dbhvk


This project is released under the MIT License.