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# mitsuba-blender
Mitsuba Blender Plugin

Originally developed by Wenzel Jakob and Bartosz Styperek.
"Improved" by Adrien Gruson and Akos Kassay.

## Why another blender exporter for Mitsuba?

We provide another blender exporter as we wanted the following functions:
1) Automatic cycles material conversion
2) Participating media support
3) Other Mitsuba functions (RGBE film)

### Automatic cycles material conversion

This feature can be really usefull if you download scenes from [blendswap](
However, some restriction apply:
- Fancy texture generation / mapping is *not* supported.
- Complex anisotropic BSDF is not supported.

Except that, the automatic conversion will try to mimic the BSDF parameter to have a "similar look" inside Mitsuba.
It is not perfect, but save a lot of time :)

### Participating media support

It is possible to heterogenous participating media from blender to mitsuba.
No emissive / color participating media is supported yet. 
Fell free to implemented if you really needed :)

## Installation
Installation instructions: Copy the 'mitsuba' folder into 
the Blender scripts/addons directory.