An archive with sample scripts and resources for Stellarium.
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Stellarium Scripts and Resources

This repository contains scripts and resources for the Stellarium astronomy software. The scripts are written in Typescript. For explanations how to set up Visual Studio Code and Typescript for use with Stellarium please go to:

List of Landscapes

Freiberg (Germany)

A map of an old silver mine in the town of Freiberg (Germany). The landscape is complete with light pollution and Fog

List of Scripts

List of scripts:


A detailed tour through the constellations of the autumn sky in Freiberg/Saxony. The script will zoom into galaxies, nebulae and other objects of interest and provide basic descriptions (in german).


A script for drawing an Analemma


A script for recreating the APOD from 2003-06-26 (


A tour through the constellation Ursa Minor and the northern star. (Extracted from the AutumnSky script.)


A tour through the constellation Ursa Major. (Extracted from the AutumnSky script)