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bem-gen-doc is a documentation generator which converts documentation of BEM-libraries' items (blocks, elements or modifiers) into HTML website.

This project is still under development


› git clone git://
› cd bem-gen-doc
› npm install

The simple usage example could be found in the example directory.

To build example documentation site follow this steps:

› bem make -r example vendor

This will install all dependancies for library.

Now lets build our example:

› bem make -r example/ site

The build process should start. It will take a few moments. When it's done, we could start our develepor server and look at result:

› bem server

Server will start on port 8080, so you could point your browser to http://localhost:8080/release/index/index.html page.


bem should be in your PATH environment variable. You could do this by adding this line to your user's .profile config:

exports PATH=./node_modules/.bin:$PATH

BEM is abbreviation for Block-Element-Modifier. It's a way to write code which is easy to support and develop.

For more info about BEM metodology see