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@arikon arikon released this Aug 5, 2013 · 256 commits to support/0.10.x since this release

  • bem: Add level-proto tech that creates levels based on prototypes in .bem/levels/*.js on project level

    Example usage (.bem/level.js):

    exports.getTechs = function() {
        return {
            'docs':   'level-proto', // will create levels <name>.blocks/ with proto in .bem/levels/docs.js
            'blocks': 'level-proto'  // will create levels <name>.blocks/ with proto in .bem/levels/blocks.js
  • bem: Fix bug in bem create level that prevented from creating level without prototype

  • bem make: Fix bug in BemCreateNode that was causing error when using single tech on different names
    (e.g. level-proto)

  • bem make: require() in .bem/make.js configs behaves more correctly now (try to require any dependency
    of your project from your .bem/make.js)

  • bem make: level property in BlockNode now initialized on the first access; this helps to deal with levels being
    created during the bem make build process

  • API: Export logger and template from bem module

  • API: Add Node.create() static method to simplify creation of nodes, see example

    var opts = {
            // node options
        node = registry