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Russian version of readme is available here.


David David

BEM forum project is built according to BEM methodology and uses github issues as it's main data storage.

Forum could be used in two capacities:

  • as a separate application;
  • as a plugin to an application built on express with the use of BEMTREE and BEMHTML templates.


  • Clone a repository git clone
  • Go to downloaded project cd bem-forum
  • Install dependencies npm run build
  • Generate access token (choose scope – public_repo) and add it to config configs/common/node.json
  • Launch the project npm start

In the browser go to http://localhost:3000.


The description of how to configure the project could be found within the following files:

  • configs/common/node.json - common configuration for any type of environment;
  • configs/development/node.json - development regime configuration;
  • configs/production/node.json - production regime configuration.

Common configuration

    "forum": {
        "auth": {
            "tokens": [
                /* To get data from github for unauthorized users
                 * use generated tokens that enlarge limits of calls to API
                 * from 60 per hour to 5000. In case of high activity on the forum
                 * you will need to add additional tokens.
                "7fdffdd7a38fd8a205fdf5fc910f35d3bfd05341" // This is a demonstration only token
        /* To add labels you will need to add a token that has rights to git push
         * in to a repository the post will be added to
        "owner_token": "98af04fdb993cee3fdc83e338f3dfd74dff5fdeb", // This is a demonstration only token
        /* An option to show or hide labels within the opening/editing form of the issue */
        "setLabels": true,
        /* A repository to store posts */
        "storage": {
            "user": "tavriaforever",
            "repo": "bem-forum-tests"
        /* An option to upload forum's archive from a file system */
        "archive": "archive-example.json",
        /* Exact way to build bundle with templates and scripts notation */
        "template": {
            "level": "desktop",
            "bundle": "index"
        // Enables a regime to fix bugs in server-side and client-side code
        // To see bugs within a broswer console you will need to add to the url
        // a parameter ?debug=true
        "forumDebug": true

Environment configuration

configs/{environment}/node.json allow to specify parameters for Oauth-authorization via Github:

"forum": {
    "oauth": {
        "localhost": {
            "clientId": "your client id",
            "secret": "your secret key",
            "redirectUrl": "http://localhost:3000"

Here we foresee an option of several subdomains support for sites with, for instance, several locales:

"forum": {
    "oauth": {
        "localhost": {
        "en.localhost": {
        "ru.localhost": {

Important about labels

Standard behaviour so to say "battaries included" is the following: it is not allowed to set a label while opening or editing the post.

To add an option of labeling the posts you need:

1) To open a common config config/common/node.json

2) To register within your own profile on github a token with rights to push into a repository where issues are hosted and paste this token into owner_token field

3) To enable labels within opening/editing posts forms set setLabels field as true