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BEM with HAML (also with SCSS and CoffeeScript)
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Also with SCSS and CoffeeScript.

How to use?

Get top level dependencies

Copy files

Copy .bem/, GNUmakefile, package.json, blocks/, pages/ to your project root.

Install npm-dependencies

Run npm install for install all dependencies from package.json.


Just run make and it builds only whats needed.

What can you do?

Create new files

Run bem create block -l blocks <blockname> for create new block, with HAML, SCSS, and CoffeeScript techs by default. Run bem create block -l pages <pagename> for create new page, with only HAML tech by default.

Declare BEM-items in HAML

Declare new BEM-items by DECL func:

- DECL :link do |content, href|
    = DO content

Use them in pages and in other blocks with DO:

- DO :link, "" do

Build pages HTML/CSS/JS

Run make and you get:

  • pages/<pagename>/<pagename>.haml.html -- HTML result for HAML templates.
  • blocks/ALL.css and blocks/ALL.js -- CSS and JS for all blocks in project, you can use them at any page.


Tune templates

All templates for create new files defined in .bem/techs/*.js.

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