@SevInf SevInf released this Sep 2, 2013 · 148 commits to release-1.0.0 since this release

  • bem command usage statistics is collected now using insight module

  • tech/v2.js: getBuildPaths(decl, levels) signature extended to getBuildPaths(decl, levels, output, opts)

  • tech/v2.js: fixed bug which was causing to pass wrong suffix when calling getBuildResultChunk()

  • v2/deps.js: filter() method does use new behaviour compatible with previous one

  • Dropped external libraries support. Use of bower (bower-npm-install) is suggested instead

  • .bem/make.js config can use function style for now:

module.exports = function(registry) {
    // code within this function body is the same as `make.js` content before
  • Added tests for tech modules using bem-smoke package

  • Dropped node v0.6.x support

  • Added week suffixes map: special suffixes map that is used as a build suffixes map when declaration has dependance by tech

    Usual behavior for technology suffixes is considered to be strong-binding, i.e. when dependency item has no technology specified, any file that matches (item path + any build suffix for technology) is included in sources file list.

    Another kind of behavior is added, which is considered to be weak-binding — suffixes that are weak don't add files to source files list, unless technology matching the weak-suffix is explicitly specified in the dependency item.

  • Build cache is now per-technonlohy so techs that writes to the same file does not override each others cache.