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Static linter for templates

Linting allows you see some warnings about template code in STDERR. List of checks you can find in migration guides.

cd migration/ && npm i

cd ../

./migration/lib/index.js --lint --input ./path-to-templates/ --from 7 --to 8


  • lint lint option (if not present script will rewrite your templates)
  • input path to templates (relative to current directory or absolute)
  • 7 is major version from. If you specify 0 common check will be included.
  • 8 is major to lint.

Result of linting is console warning like this:

>>>> Function that returns a literal can be replaced with literal itself.
>>>> migration/tmpls/template.js:8:1
>>>> function() { return 42; }

Migration tool for templates

Migration tool helps you migrate your project to next major version of bem-xjst.

cd migration/ && npm i

cd ../

./migration/lib/index.js --input ./path-to-templates/ --from 7 --to 8


  • 7 is current bem-xjst version on your project
  • 8 is major version to migrate.

Notice that templates in ./path-to-templates/ will be overwritten.

Codestyle config

You can create json file with several options that have recast.

Using config option you can pass path to json config:

./migration/lib/index.js --input ./path-to-templates-dir --from 4 --to 8 --config ~/my-prj/config/codestyle-config.json

Notice: path to json config must be absolute.

See example of codestyle config sample-config.json in this directory.

List of transformers (checks)

  • Array to function generator
  • Object to function generator
  • Don’t check this.elemMods
  • Don’t check this.mods
  • If function generator return simple type rewrite this function to it’s return value
  • Check for HTML entities. Warning about using UTF-8 symbols.
  • def() must return something
  • No empty mode call
  • No empty mode
  • No more this..
  • Apply call to apply
  • API changed (require('bem-xjst').bemhtml)
  • elemMatch() to elem() with match()
  • mods value
  • once() to def()
  • this.isArray() to Array.isArray()
  • xhtml: true option for backwards capability (from 6 to 7)
  • attrs() to addAttrs()
  • js() to addJs()
  • mix() to addMix()


npm test

Migrate from old DSL BEMHTML to JS syntax

Take a look at

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