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Escaping functions fixed: now argumengs undefined or null and NaN will give you empty string as a result. In previous versions you get stringified results ('undefined', 'null', 'NaN').


  • [fb127451ed] - Merge pull request #387 from bem/yeti-or.notEscapeFalsy (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [ae3ecc5e6e] - Docs: notes about arg types in escaping functions (miripiruni)
  • [f68c0a7555] - Docs: links fixed, some spellings fixed (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [60ca7146b9] - Docs: minor changes (links, spelling, etc) (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [1977ee83da] - Utils: escaping function should’t render undefined/Null/NaN (Vasiliy Loginevskiy)
  • [d44db0ad2c] - Docs: headers fixed (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [e88732a7af] - Docs: headers fixed (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [f8610fb928] - Docs: about js (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [f3660f8a47] - Docs: example cut (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [54a3e7d447] - Docs: fix spelling (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [11e3079ab9] - Docs: readme updated (#390 fixed) (miripiruni)
  • [79b3e4e125] - Bundle size metrica (Fix for #366) (miripiruni)