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@miripiruni miripiruni released this Aug 3, 2017 · 105 commits to master since this release

Nested mixes are supported. It’s been worked in v1.x but then somehow was broken. Now you can use it again.

{ block: 'b', mix: { block: 'c', mix: { block: 'nested-mix', js: true } } }

Will be rendered as:

<div class="b c nexted-mix i-bem"></div>

BEMHTML: OL and UL end tags is not optional according to W3C HTML4 spec.


  • [a2c71800c6] - Merge pull request #473 from bem/issue-472 (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [3e777b797a] - Remove ul and ol from list of optional tags, they are NOT optional (Vitaly Harisov)
  • [58916ebf05] - Merge pull request #471 from gulalex181/prose-patch-1 (Slava Oliyanchuk)
  • [04374187b6] - Пропущен предлог в "описано в разделе про режимы" (Alexander Gulnyashkin)
  • [1641c5b45c] - Merge pull request #448 from bem/issue-241__nested-mixes-2 (Slava Oliyanchuk)
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