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To fetch the dependencies:
git submodule init
git submodule update

To compile libnestegg:
cd nestegg/
autoreconf --install
(EMSCRIPTEN_ROOT=...) (PATH/TO/) ./configure

To compile libvpx:
cd libvpx
(PATH=$PATH:~/local_clang/bin/) ./configure --disable-vp8-encoder --disable-examples --disable-multithread --target=js1-none-clang_emscripten
(PATH=$PATH:~/local_clang/bin/) make

To build the javascript decoder:
Install the closure compiler (
and edit ~/.emscripten to point to the correct path.
(EMSCRIPTEN_ROOT=...) python
(If you have RELOOP=1 in, you may now watch the director's cut of
a James Cameron movie while you wait.  I recommend The Abyss, for its
excellent depiction of the Mammalian Diving Reflex and hypothermic

To test the decoder:
cp js/ ../Demo/route9.js
Open route9.html in your favorite modern browser.
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