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Building Energy Management Open Source Software (BEMOSS™) is a software platform that is engineered to improve sensing and control of equipment in small- and medium-sized commercial buildings. BEMOSS™ aims to offer: scalability, robustness, plug and play, open protocol, interoperability, cost-effectiveness, as well as local and remote monitoring. This allows BEMOSS™ to work with load control devices form different manufacturers that operate on different communication technologies and protocols. BEMOSS™ supports the following prevalent communication technologies: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), Serial (RS-485), and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11); and protocols: BACnet, Modbus, Web, ZigBee API, OpenADR and Smart Energy Profile (SEP) protocols.

This release of BEMOSS™ is "BEMOSS™ V3.5", which supports selected HVAC, lighting and plug load controllers, including: Thermostats that use a Wi-Fi USNAP module (such as CT30 and CT50), Rooftop unit (Prolon M1000/M2000), VAV controller (Prolon VC1000/VC2000), Wattstopper 0-10V lighting load controller (LMRC-210), Philips Hues, WeMo Light switch, Wattstopper plug load controller (LMPL-201), WeMo switch and WeMo Insight switch.

Click here to find out more about currently supported devices.

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