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Welcome to the GSet wiki!


  • GSet API: An API reflecting the GSet library version 1.0.0
  • Learn about the GVS pattern This blog post offers some insight into GSet, though it is not a tutorial for using the code.
  • Roadmap describing the few improvements desired in GSet.

What is GSet?

GSet offers a structured approach to indirect object manipulation. A GSet instance accesses and alters it's source according to a scheme.

Why GSet?

GSet increases developer productivity by homogenizing the creation of -- and interface for -- privileged objects, methods, and properties.

  • Segregate public/API and private/core features and development.
  • Protect integral objects from untrusted routines.
  • Reduce redundant "getX" and "setY" methods from constructors. (GSet is a viable supplement to native JavaScript Getters and Setters.)
  • Provide "fresh" object data to external routines, instead of stale properties or exposing object references.