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This is a foundation for all the buttons I use in my markup for more than 4 years. Now in a form of a React component, using bemto-components and styled-components.

You can use it as a base for highly functional and stylable buttons which provides basic reset & layout which you could later easily style by extending with styled-components (or use your external styles). This component has all the powers of bemto-components beneath, so you can use modifiers, polymorphic tags and all the other stuff. See the docs of bemto-components for more features and this component's source code to how easily it is done.

Each example at documentation is an interactive playground like this one ↓

Demo gif of the button

Installation & Usage

Note: bemto-button uses styled-components as a peer dependency, as its bad to include more than one instance of styled-components in your app, so you need to have it installed as well.

In your console:

npm install --save bemto-button

Then in .js-files of your components:

import BemtoButton from 'bemto-button';


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2017 Roman Komarov.

See LICENSE for more information.