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DEPRECATED, see | A CLI for modular minifier cssnano.
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A CLI for modular minifier cssnano.


With npm do:

npm install cssnano-cli --global

You can also install cssnano-cli as a development dependency of your project, and get the command by this snippet in your .bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin


$ cssnano --help

Usage: cssnano [input] [output] {OPTIONS}


    --sourcemap,  -s    Generate a sourcemap within the minified output.

    --no-[featureName]  Disable any individual processor module by its name.
                        [featureName] can be any one of these:

                        autoprefixer        filterOptimiser     normalizeUrl
                        calc                filterPlugins       orderedValues
                        colormin            functionOptimiser   reduceIdents
                        convertValues       mergeIdents         singleCharset
                        core                mergeLonghand       styleCache
                        discardComments     mergeRules          svgo
                        discardDuplicates   minifyFontValues    uniqueSelectors
                        discardEmpty        minifyParams        zindex
                        discardUnused       minifySelectors

    --safe              Disable advanced optimisations that are not always safe.
                        Currently, this disables custom identifier reduction,
                        z-index rebasing, unused at-rule removal & conversion
                        between absolute length values.

    --version,    -v    Outputs the version number.

    --help,       -h    Outputs this help screen.

You can also use stdin & stdout redirections:

cssnano < main.css > main.min.css


Pull requests are welcome. If you add functionality, then please add unit tests to cover it.


MIT © Ben Briggs