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Thanks for contributing to cssnano! We appreciate any contributions, large or small.

How you can help

Improve our documentation

If there's something in our documentation that you think needs spell checking, clearing up, additional code examples, or could be made better in some way, help us by opening an issue detailing the problem.

Use the documentation label to find relevant issues.

Improve our issues

Issues are like a secondary means of documenting the project, and in cases where an issue is missing reproduction steps, please help us by co-ordinating with the original author to find out more details about their problem.

Once the source of the error has been found, you can be of further help by submitting a failing test case as a pull request. Many of our tests follow a simple fixture & expected string comparison pattern.

Send feedback on issues

Feedback on issues is very important and will shape the direction of cssnano. Please help us by leaving constructive criticism on issues that matter to you, and especially on issues labelled "question".

Note that we don't find "+1" comments to be very helpful; instead, use GitHub reactions and subscribe to the thread to be notified of any progress. This helps to keep our discourse focused on the topic at hand.

Review pull requests

It's really important to get more eyes on upcoming features and fixes. Please help by reviewing pull requests; even leaving a thumbs up reaction is better than nothing at all. Helping us to review means less time is wasted by all of us if a buggy release is cut.

Write code

We recommend that you look in the issue tracker to find anything tagged help wanted; that's the first port of call for getting stuck in and writing code. If there's any other open issues that you think you can tackle, please comment on the thread expressing your interest.

If you have an idea for some functionality which doesn't have an issue tracking it, then please open an issue before writing a pull request. We find it more helpful to discuss your requirements before writing any code.

Talk with us!

We have an online chat where you can ask questions or discuss features; help us by joining the chat, and answer any questions that the community may have. Feel free to ask any questions of your own!

How you can support us

If you don't have time to contribute to the project directly, you can also help us out by starring the repository, or follow us on Twitter. Word of mouth really does mean a lot to us!

You can also help support us financially by purchasing stickers from our sticker shop.