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+# 3.10.0
+* cssnano will no longer `console.warn` any messages when using deprecated
+ options; these are now sent to PostCSS. You will be able to see them if you
+ use a PostCSS runner with built-in messages support, or alternately by
+ loading `postcss-reporter` or `postcss-browser-reporter` in your plugins list.
+* Prepares support for `grid` identifier reduction by adding it to the list
+ of optimisations turned off when `` is set to `true`.
+* Adds support for normalizing `unicode-range` descriptors. Values will
+ be converted when the code matches `0` & `f` in the same place on both sides
+ of the range. So, `u+2000-2fff` can be converted to `u+2???`, but
+ `u+2100-2fff` will be left as it is.
# 3.9.1
* Resolves an integration issue with `v3.9.0`, where `undefined` values

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