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DEPRECATED, see | Detect/remove browser hacks from CSS files.
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Detect/remove browser hacks from CSS files.


With npm do:

npm install stylehacks --save


In its default mode, stylehacks will remove hacks from your CSS file, based on the browsers that you wish to support.


h1 {
    _color: white;
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);


h1 {
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);



Type: function
Returns: boolean

This method will take any PostCSS node, run applicable plugins depending on its type, then will return a boolean depending on whether it found any of the supported hacks. For example, if the decl node found below is passed to the detect function, it will return true. But if the rule node is passed, it will return false instead.

h1 { _color: red }

stylehacks.process(css, [options]).then(function(result) {})



Type: string|array
Default: browserslist defaults

Specify the browsers that you wish to support. The string will be passed directly to browserslist and parsed, however if an array is passed instead then stylehacks will use it instead of parsing the browsers itself.


Type: boolean
Default: false

If lint mode is enabled, stylehacks will not remove hacks from the CSS; instead, it will warn that hacks were found. When using stylehacks as a PostCSS plugin, you are expected to handle these messages yourself.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Used in combination with the lint option; disables all logging. When using the CLI, the process will exit with 0 or 1 as usual.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Generate a sourcemap with the transformed CSS.

postcss([ stylehacks(opts) ])

stylehacks can also be consumed as a PostCSS plugin. See the documentation for examples for your environment.


stylehacks also ships with a CLI app. To see the available options, just run:

$ stylehacks --help


stylehacks works well with your existing PostCSS setup:

  • stylelint - Comprehensive & modern CSS linter, to ensure that your code style rules are respected.


Pull requests are welcome. If you add functionality, then please add unit tests to cover it.


MIT © Ben Briggs