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Node.js asset compiler that supports JavaScript, Handlebars, CSS and LESS.

##What It Does Velociraptor will compile assets in a source directory and dump them into an output directory.

  1. Velociraptor will first build the bundles defined in source/bundles.json
  2. Any files in source that were not part of a bundle will be copied to output
  3. Important: .less files will not be copied as part of this step as they are expected to be part of a bundle.

##bundles.json example

      "dir": "templates",
      "type": "handlebars"

###Handlebars To precompile, put your templates in a directory and Velociraptor will recursively discover your templates. Note the special syntax in bundles.json -- you must define a directory, not the individual files.

##Command-line Usage

# Compile from ./assets to ./tmp
# without minification
velociraptor ./assets ./tmp

# Compiling: /somepath/assets
#      into: /somepath/tmp
#            without minification
# Compiled 2 bundles from 7 sources
# Copied 4

# Compiling with minification
velociraptor -m ./assets ./tmp

##Programmatic Usage

var Velociraptor = require('velociraptor');

//No minification
Velociraptor.compile(source, target, function(err, results) {
  if(err) {
    console.log("Error: "+err);
  else {
    // e.g.
    // {
    //    bundles: 2
    //  , bundlesources: 7
    //  , minified: false
    //  , copied: 5
    // }

Velociraptor.compile(source, target, {minify:true}, function(err, results) {