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A visual exploration of Adaptive Huffman Coding
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A visual exploration of Adaptive Huffman Coding

This is a scroll-based walkthrough exploring and comparing traditional Huffman Coding to adaptive Huffman Coding. It serves as a tool to learn how the two algorithms work and is intended for anyone to view (not just CS majors).

This was done as a final project for Tufts' COMP-150: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring 2017).

Usability Note: I have noticed some rendering issues when viewing the second half of the project in Safari and Firefox. As a result, I would suggest viewing the site in Chrome.

To Do

  • Fill in words for FGK explanation
  • Add FGK data for playground trees
  • Auto-render "bookkeeper" when entering playground
  • Add more text / description around playground
  • Make final rendering of FGK walkthrough tree to match playground tree
  • Fix scrolling rendering for fast scrolling
  • Clean up code
  • Highlight nodes that are being updated on FGK walkthrough
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