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Web application for Tufts ASL-LEX Project
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ASL-LEX (AT Fellows Project)


ASL-LEX is a database of lexical and phonological properties of nearly 1,000 signs in American Sign Language. This project is a collaboration between the Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience at San Diego State University and the Psycholinguistics and Linguistics Lab at Tufts University. ASL-LEX is a searchable database of subjective frequency ratings, iconicity ratings, lexical properties (e.g., initialized signs; lexical class), and six phonological features from which neighborhood densities have been calculated. ASL-LEX also provides, reference video clips, English translations and, for a subset of signs, alternative translations.


The content on this website is available under a CC-By-NC license, meaning you can reuse and remix this content with attribution for non-commercial purposes. If you would like to cite it, please use the following: Caselli, N., Sevcikova, Z., Cohen-Goldberg, A., Emmorey, K. (in prep). ASL-LEX: A Lexical Database for ASL.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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