2015 Tufts Polyhack Project
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Tufts Polyhack 2015

By Ben Tanen, Alex Golin, Nolan Martin, Samantha Welch, Michael Seltzer, Jackson Clawson


JumboAdvisor is a project to improve upon the advisement report used by Tufts' Student Information System (SIS). One of the main downsides to the current advisement report is the inability to move class around and try out different combinations for one's major (or even try another major). JumboAdvisor attempts to offer more flexibility by allowing students to try any class anywhere on a degree sheet and receive validation on their input.

Using JumboAdvisor, students can plan out their classes for their career at Tufts, validate their existing plans, try out a different major, and even use all of this to create their semester-by-semester academic schedule for Tufts.


  1. As of last updating this readme (10/27/2015), there are only three degrees supported (Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Astrophysics) but there will hopefully be more added to the system.
  2. Since I am in the process of moving the backend / database to Heroku, the attribute check is currently non-functional. This should be fixed soon.

Future Improvements / Updates

  • Upload course information / list to Heroku
  • Add more majors
  • Add auto-complete classes
  • Add class shopping cart
    • Drag & droppable shopping cart
  • Connect to SIS for current class data