Quickly start a ReactJS project with Express and server-side rendering.
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Express + React Starter Template (Coffeescript)

A simple way to start isomorphic projects with ReactJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.

See the demo

Ready to code? Get started or view the tutorial version

Directory Layout

├── /build/                     # The folder for compiled output
├── /src/                       # The source code of the application
│   ├── /app/                   # Javascript files
│   |   ├── /components/        # components of the application
│   |   └── /index.cjsx         # Entry-point / wrapper of the application
│   ├── /scss/                  # Stylesheets, written in scss
│   └── /server.coffee          # Server-side scripts
│── gulpfile.js                 # Configuration file for automated builds
└── package.json                # Information about the project (Dependencies, etc.)

Compilation Reference

Source Directory Build Directory
src/server.coffee build/server.js
src/app/index.cjsx build/app/index.js
src/app/components/**/*.cjsx build/app/components/**/*.js
src/scss/**/*.scss build/css/main.css

Getting Started

  1. Make sure gulp is installed (We use this to compile the source files)
$ npm install -g gulp # Install Gulp
$ gulp --version # Check the version of Gulp
> [13:07:08] CLI version 3.8.10
> [13:07:08] Local version 3.8.11
  1. Clone this repo
$ git clone -o react-starter-coffee https://github.com/ben-z/react-starter-coffee.git App
$ cd App
$ npm install # Install the dependencies
  1. Start Coding
$ gulp develop # Navigate to http://localhost:3000

The server is restarted automatically when files change.

Gulp Tasks

$ gulp <task>
Task Description
cjsx Compiles src/app/**/*.cjsx to build/app/**/*.js.
coffee Compiles src/**/*.coffee to build/**/*.js.
sass Compiles src/scss/*.scss to build/css/*.css.
env Compiles src/.env.yml to build/.env.json.
build Runs tasks cjsx, coffee, sass, and env.
watch Watches all files and compile them accordingly. Restarts the server if the server is running
server Starts the server with node build/server.js and runs watch.


Have any feedbacks, feature requests, issues, or comments? Please feel free to create an issue or open a pull request.