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# Hubot classes
Robot = require "hubot/src/robot"
TextMessage = require("hubot/src/message").TextMessage
path = require 'path'
moment = require 'moment'
# Load assertion methods to this scope
{ expect } = require 'chai'
nock = require 'nock'
# Globals
robot = user = {}
# Test environment variables
process.env.HUBOT_HIGHFIVE_CHAT_SERVICE = 'dummy'
process.env.PORT = 8088
process.env.HUBOT_HOSTNAME = 'http://localhost:8088'
# Mock out the tangocard API
# No daily doubles or boomerangs unless we test them explicitly
# Create a robot, load our script
prep = (done) ->
robot = new Robot path.resolve(__dirname), 'shell', yes, 'TestHubot'
robot.adapter.on 'connected', ->
# Project script
robot.loadFile path.resolve('.'), ''
# Some test users
user = robot.brain.userForId "1",
name: "mocha"
email: ""
room: "#mocha"
robot.brain.userForId '2',
name: 'foo'
email: ''
room: '#mocha'
prepNock = ->
.filteringPath /Authorization=[^&]*/g, 'Authorization=FOOBAR'
.reply 200,
success: true
available_balance: 100
.reply 200,
success: true
.reply 200,
success: true
delivered_at: moment.utc().toISOString()
number: '123'
cleanup = ->
# Message/response helper
message_response = (msg, evt, direct_address, expecter) ->
# direct_address is optional, need to detect if it's missing to find the callback
if not expecter?
expecter = direct_address
direct_address = true
robot.adapter.on evt, expecter
robot.adapter.receive new TextMessage user, "#{if direct_address then 'TestHubot ' else ''}#{msg}"
# Test help output
describe 'help', ->
beforeEach prep
afterEach cleanup
it 'should have 4', (done) ->
expect(robot.helpCommands()).to.have.length 4
do done
it 'should parse help', (done) ->
help = robot.helpCommands()
expected = [
'hubot highfive @<user> $<amount> for <awesome thing> - makes a loud announcement and sends the user an giftcard',
'hubot highfive @<user> for <awesome thing> - makes a loud announcement in a public chatroom',
'hubot highfive config - show URL for configuration UI',
'hubot highfive stats - show stats about high-fives',
expect(expected).to.contain(x) for x in help
do done
# We handle a couple of varieties of reason: "for X", and just "X".
# That last case still results in hubot sending the reason as "for X".
reason: 'for something',
reason_sent: 'for something'
}, {
reason: 'something',
reason_sent: 'for something'
}].forEach (reasonCtx) ->
# Test the command with a given reason
describe "highfive #{reasonCtx.reason}", ->
# We want to test the behavior in all four combinations of direct_address
# and allow_eavesdropping, but false/false is different in that the message
# is expected to be ignored. Thus, we test the other three cases here, and
# special-case the false/false "ignore the message" case separately.
direct_address: true,
allow_eavesdropping: false,
}, {
direct_address: true
allow_eavesdropping: true,
}, {
direct_address: false
allow_eavesdropping: true,
}].forEach (directCtx) ->
describe "with allow eavesdropping #{directCtx.allow_eavesdropping} and direct address #{directCtx.direct_address}", ->
beforeEach (done) ->
process.env.HUBOT_HIGHFIVE_ALLOW_EAVESDROPPING = directCtx.allow_eavesdropping.toString()
prep done
afterEach ->
do cleanup
it "shouldn't let you high-five yourself", (done) ->
message_response "highfive @mocha #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', directCtx.direct_address, (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.contain 'clapping'
do done
it "should complain if it can't find a user", (done) ->
message_response "highfive @bar #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', directCtx.direct_address, (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.equal "Who's @bar?"
do done
it 'should make some noise', (done) ->
message_response "highfive @foo #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', directCtx.direct_address, (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.match /woo/i
expect(strs).to.contain 'foo'
expect(strs).to.contain 'mocha'
expect(strs).to.match /\.gif/i
do done
it "should send #{reasonCtx.reason_sent} for #{reasonCtx.reason}", (done) ->
message_response "highfive @foo #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', directCtx.direct_address, (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.contain reasonCtx.reason_sent
do done
describe 'with allow eavesdropping false and direct address false', ->
beforeEach prep
afterEach cleanup
it "should ignore highfives that aren't directly addressed to hubot", (done) ->
message_response "highfive @foo #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', false, (e,strs) ->
do done
# wait for 1 second to make sure the expecter *isn't* called
setTimeout done, 1000
# Test the Tango Card API implementation
describe 'with 1Tango Card', ->
# Because we need to tweak settings for many of these tests, they
# are individually responsible for calling `prep`!
beforeEach prepNock
afterEach cleanup
describe 'default limits', ->
beforeEach prep
it 'should announce the gift card', (done) ->
message_response "highfive @foo $25 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', (e,strs) ->
unless strs.match /woo/i
expect(strs).to.match /.*\$25.*card.*/i
do done
it "shouldn't let you send huge gifts", (done) ->
message_response "highfive @foo $5000 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.match /\$5000.*smaller.*150/i
do done
it 'should refuse to send too much money in one day', (done) ->
prep ->
message_response "highfive @foo $20 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', (e,strs) ->
return unless strs.match /\$20/
message_response "highfive @foo $15 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', (e,strs) ->
if strs.indexOf('$15') == -1
expect(strs).to.match /.*sorry.*\$20.*\$30/i
do done
it 'should mention the right limit when refusing to order a card', (done) ->
prep ->
message_response "highfive @foo $30 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', (e, strs) ->
expect(strs).to.contain "$#{process.env.HUBOT_HIGHFIVE_AWARD_LIMIT}"
do done
it 'should refuse to send a card if awards are disabled', (done) ->
prep ->
message_response "highfive @foo $10 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'reply', (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.contain 'disabled'
do done
it 'daily double should double the amount', (done) ->
prep ->
message_response "highfive @foo $10 #{reasonCtx.reason}", 'send', (e, strs) ->
return unless strs.match /gift card is on its way/
expect(strs).to.match /A \$20 gift card is on its way/
do done
describe 'config', ->
beforeEach prep
afterEach cleanup
it "should respond", (done) ->
message_response 'highfive config', 'reply', (e,strs) ->
expect(strs).to.match /localhost:8088\/highfive\/$/
do done
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