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Papilio-Master-System is a recreation of the Sega Master System on a FPGA.

Three compiled versions are provided :
1) sms_vga_final.bit, for use with a 8 color VGA output wing
2) sms_tv_final.bit, for use with a TV wing, producing NTSC signal
3) sms_megawing_final.bit, for use with a megawing.

The wings layout for sms_vga and sms_tv are as follow:
AL: joystick wing (note: you'll need a two button joystick)
AH: VGA wing (for the sms_vga version)
BL: micro SD wing (optional, see note on the megawing version)
BH: audio wing
CL: free (reserved for the to-be-implemented second joystick port)
CH: TV wing (for the sms_tv version)

Note: The Megawing version will provide the best image, but you'll have to upload the rom to the SRAM chip through USB (see my modified version of papilio-prog). The two other versions can read the rom files from a FAT16 formatted SD card.