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Membership software for gyms and clubs
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Note 21.05.2019

I'm not working on this project anymore. But feel free to contact me for questions or problems.


Membership software for gyms and clubs

Pythonstudio Member Pythonstudio Menu


  • Web App
  • Membership management
  • Unlimited bills for each member
  • Several workstations
  • Users with individual rights
  • Virtual studios
  • Debit with SEPA-file (Europe)
  • Check-IN control
  • Create your own lists
  • Easy installation
  • Simple backup included
  • Written in Python (Bottle Web-Framework)
  • SQLite or MySql solutions available

Online Demo
user: tom password: tom
user: rainer password: rainer

YouTube Introduction

Part 1:
Part 2: (more technical)


Which packages are used?

  • Bottle Webframework
  • Image library PIL
  • sepaxml
  • MySql (it's not really necessary but you have to comment it out)

pip install Pillow
pip install bottle
pip install sepaxml
pip install mysql-connector

Configuration and Running

Download the file, and example.db. You can skip following steps and run pythonstudio now. It will start a local server at port 8888, use the Sqlite database with the user admin and password admin.


Line 132: Cookie encrypt key
Line 157/158: Database Connection (Sqlite/MqSql)
Line 3100: Server type


Line 55: Choose database type ('sqlite' or 'mysql')
Line 57/58: Database connection

Run it. It creates the tables in the database with following user:

user: admin
password: admin

Delete the script after and change password (and name) of the first user.

goto http://localhost:8888 or whatever you configured.


Creates a lot of fake data. The user "tom" (admin) and "rainer" are included. Password same as username.

Line 13 and 15: Database connection
from Line 396: How many data and which tables should be created

FILE pics/pics.txt

you can import this file (link database) for some fake pics in the profiles

FILE pics/

Create your own fake pics with this script


I was traveling and needed a new project for my mind. I was working for a company in Germany which sold a software like this one. The idea was to get some money out of it, but it wouldn't work while I'm traveling and web development isn't sth. what I actually enjoy. So I decided to make it Open Source. I'll see if people like it and ready for suggestions if there are any. Cheers Ben.

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