Collection of Tutorials for beginner developers to mess around with the kinect in Open Frameworks
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Written for Open Frameworks 0071 by Ben McChesney
This github repository hosts my examples for teaching students how to use a KINECT with Open Frameworks

1 ) /SkeletonBasics-D2D is the MS SDK example modified to send skeleton data out via OSC on port 54321
2 ) /ofxKinectNUI_poseLayout/ is a bit of a beast right now it does several things.
	Allows a user to position the skeleton into "poses" and export them
	Allows a user to read in an exported pose and determing if the pose is being made
	Fires off a simple event system for POSE_START, POSE_RECOGNZIED , and POSE_END
3 ) ofxKinect_and_ShaderFun uses ofxKinect point cloud to create cube vertices and then 	changes them with a vertex and fragment shader to make generative shapes

4 ) ofxKinect_and_ShaderOutlineMask/
	 uses the 2D openCV outline to mask out another texture, in this case a fragment shader from uses add-on ofxSimpleMask

5 ) ofxKinect_and_ofxUI/ 
	starting point for ofxKinect with openCV using ofxUI to make changes

6 ) ofxKinect_and_ofxUI_cursors/
	normalizes openCV blobs and scales them to screen space

7 ) ofxKinect_and_ofxUI_cursors_ribbons/
	use the scaled cursor position data to draw 3d ribbons and render it with a camera

8 ) ofxKinect_and_ofxUI_pointcloud/
	using ofxUI to render and do things with the point cloud data

9 ) ofxKinect_and_ofxUI_pointcloud_splicing/
	more effects to color based on positions and generative functions

10 ) openNI-demoAllFeatures_stable/
	openNI demo, not changed yet. I will add in ofxUI

	/* future additions will be added !!!! */
	Non-core addons : ofxUI