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-Ben Adida is Tech Lead on Identity and User Data at Mozilla. His
-passion is <em>autonomy</em>, empowering individuals with secure,
-private, irrevocable, and efficient access to their data. Ben has
-applied these principles to secure voting, personal health records,
-and online identity. He has developed extensive free software for
-close to 15 years. He is a technical advisor
-to <a href="">Creative Commons</a>.
+Ben Adida is Director of Identity at Mozilla. His passion
+is <em>autonomy</em>, empowering individuals with secure, private, and
+efficient access to their data. Ben has applied these principles to
+secure voting, personal health records, and the broader Web. He has
+developed extensive free software for 15 years. He is a technical
+advisor to <a href="">Creative Commons</a>
+and to <a href="">Harvard Medical School</a>.
-<p>From 2007 to 2011, Dr. Adida was Research Faculty at <a
-href="">Harvard Medical School</a> / <a
-href="">Children's Hospital Boston</a>, a
-research fellow with the <a href="">Center
-for Research on Computation and Society at Harvard</a>, and an
-affiliate with Harvard's <a
-href="">Berkman Center for Internet and
-Society</a>. Dr. Adida received his PhD at MIT in the Cryptography and
-Information Security group. Previously, he co-founded two software
-startups that developed database-backed web application platforms
-based on free/open-source software.
+<p>Previously, Ben was Research Faculty
+at <a href="">Harvard Medical School</a>
+/ <a href="">Children's Hospital
+Boston</a>, a research fellow with
+the <a href="">Center for Research on
+Computation and Society at Harvard</a>, and an affiliate with
+Harvard's <a href="">Berkman Center for
+Internet and Society</a>. He received his PhD at MIT in the
+Cryptography and Information Security group.

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