A system for producing web accessible IRC logs, in node.js.
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ircloggr is a irc logging system. it includes a bot that connects to servers and rooms you specify in a config file, and a RESTful JSON API that you may use to extract and search logs. Also bundled is a sample client website that can render logs.

Software Prerequisites

  • node.js (0.6.x)
  • deps listed in package.json
  • a mysql database to connect to

Testing & Development

The web server

I hope you'll find ircloggr simple to hack on. Here are the steps to get a local instance up and running:

  1. Install node.js
  2. git clone this repository
  3. npm install
  4. install mysql, create an ircloggr database, grant all privs to ircloggr user
  5. PORT=8080 npm start

Visit in your browser

The logger daemon

  1. SERVERS=irc.freenode.net=ircloggr_test

Now log into irc.freenode.net #ircloggr_test and notice that your utterances are visible through the web view.


Now that you've got it running, deployment on any provider should be pretty straightforward. Here are steps to get up and running on heroku:

  • heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack http://github.com/hakobera/heroku-buildpack-nodejs.git // create a new app on heroku using node 0.6+
  • heroku addons:add cleardb:ignite // add a mysql database
  • heroku config:add IP_ADDRESS=
  • heroku config:add BOT_NAME=my_ircloggr_bot
  • git push heroku master

you should be running! now let's configure a room and the daemon

  • heroku config:add SERVERS=irc.freenode.net=ircloggr_testroom $ heroku scale web=1 worker=1