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The spoiled ballot verification
data path should NOT have a trailing slash
CODES_FILE_PATH is the path to a file which, when provided, will be where
this script writes its list of confirmation codes for each ballot.
# core imports
import sys
import base, data, filenames
# based on meeting2, and meeting3 for the ballots
import meeting1, meeting2, meeting3
election = meeting1.election
ballots, cast_ballots = meeting3.ballots, meeting3.ballots_with_codes
# spoiled ballots codes
spoiled_ballots_codes_xml = base.file_in_dir(base.DATA_PATH, filenames.SPOILED_BALLOTS_CODES, 'Spoiled Ballots Codes')
spoiled_ballots = data.parse_ballot_table(spoiled_ballots_codes_xml)
# spoiled ballots mixnet
spoiled_ballots_mixnet_xml = base.file_in_dir(base.DATA_PATH, filenames.SPOILED_BALLOTS_MIXNET, 'Spoiled Ballots Mixnet')
spoiled_p_table, spoiled_partitions = data.parse_database(spoiled_ballots_mixnet_xml)
def verify(output_stream, codes_output_stream=None):
if codes_output_stream:
def new_code(webSerial, pid, q_id, s_id, confirmation_code):
if not BALLOTS.has_key(webSerial):
BALLOTS[webSerial] = {'pid': pid, 'questions': {}}
if not BALLOTS[webSerial]['questions'].has_key(q_id):
BALLOTS[webSerial]['questions'][q_id] = []
new_code = None
# check codes
for spoiled_ballot in spoiled_ballots.values():
# does it verify against the original ballots
assert ballots[].verify_code_openings(spoiled_ballot, election.constant, code_callback_func = new_code)
# we just verify that the D and P tables are opened properly
# same as meeting2, only without a specific challenge set
assert meeting2.verify_open_p_and_d_tables(election, meeting1.p_table, meeting1.partitions, spoiled_p_table, spoiled_partitions), "bad reveal of P and D tables"
# we write out the codes
if new_code:
codes_output_stream.write('Serial #,P-table ID')
for q_id in sorted(BALLOTS.values()[0]['questions'].keys()):
codes_output_stream.write(",question %s"%q_id)
for serial in sorted(BALLOTS.keys()):
codes_output_stream.write('%s,%s' % (serial, BALLOTS[serial]['pid']))
for q_id in sorted(BALLOTS[serial]['questions'].keys()):
codes_output_stream.write(',"%s"' % ",".join(BALLOTS[serial]['questions'][q_id]))
# go through the contested ballots
output_stream.write("""Election ID: %s
Spoiled Ballots Audit Successful
%s ballots spoiled and opened successfully
""" % (, len(spoiled_ballots.keys()), base.fingerprint_report()))
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) > 2:
codes_output = open(sys.argv[2], "w")
codes_output = None
verify(sys.stdout, codes_output)
if codes_output:
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