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The tallying of the R tables, no verification otherwise
QUESTION_ID is the question_id from electionspec.xml
data paths should NOT have a trailing slash
More than one data path because we are tallying up multiple wards at the same time
The reason for specifying the question_num is that some questions are split among multiple wards, others not.
# core imports
import sys
import base, data, filenames
import tallydata
# correcting the argv base.DATA_PATH
QUESTION_ID = sys.argv[1]
DATA_PATHS = sys.argv[2:]
# for default election params
# use the meeting1 data structures
from electionparams import *
# import just the R tables
# there could be a few given the multiple data_paths
r_tables_xml = [base.file_in_dir(data_path, filenames.MEETING_THREE_OUT, 'Meeting Three Out') for data_path in DATA_PATHS]
r_tables_list = [data.parse_r_tables(r_tables) for r_tables in r_tables_xml]
# print "ok now tallying\n\n"
# the list of partitions, each of which is a list of the max number of answers each question allows
partition_map = election.partition_map_choices
# we only tally per question now, so BALLOTS is just an array
# go through each partition
for r_tables in r_tables_list:
for p_id, r_table in r_tables.iteritems():
for row_id, row in r_table.rows.iteritems():
# split the result among questions for this partition, according to partition map
split_result = r_table.get_permutations_by_row_id(row_id, partition_map[p_id])
# go through the questions
for q_num, question in enumerate(election.spec.questions_by_partition[p_id]):
# skip over the questions we're not counting
# index 0 because there is only one permutation field in this table,
# but it's returned as a list, so we select the first and only one,
# then select the specific question number
raw_answer = split_result[0][q_num]
# instantiate the right ballot type
ballot = tallydata.BALLOTS_BY_TYPE[question.type_answer_choice](raw_answer)
# now tally, only one tally
TALLY = BALLOTS[0].tally(election.spec.questions_by_id[QUESTION_ID], BALLOTS)
RESULT = "Question %s: %s\n" % (QUESTION_ID, TALLY)
def tally(output_stream):
output_stream.write("""Election ID: %s
%s ballots cast
""" % (, len(BALLOTS), RESULT))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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