A simple wiki system for org-mode
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org-wikish is a simple wiki system for org. It uses a flat directory structure in a single directory.

Getting started

After installing the package (it should be available shortly on MELPA soon), you’ll need to set the directory you want your wiki pages to be stored in. org-wikish currently only has support for storing wiki pages in a single directory without nesting.

A simple setup might look like the following:

;; set wiki directory
(setq org-wikish-wiki-directory "/your/wiki/directory/here")

;; bind C-c w f to org-wikish-find-page

;; Enable org-wikish-mode in org-mode
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'org-wikish-mode)

Available commands

org-wikish-link-word-at-pointC-c w gLink the word at point to the correct wiki file.
org-wikish-open-page-at-pointC-c w oIf on a link, follow it; otherwise create then follow it
org-wikish-find-pageC-c w fGo to or create wiki page using completing-read