command line tool to upload things to stikked
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command line tool to upload paste to stikked based pastebins


  • Super easy to use
  • Remembers stikked URL
  • Automatically url encodes all data
  • Automatically figure out author name if not provided explicitly

Installing on debian or ubuntu

Just add ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:benapetr/misc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install stikkit

That's all

Building on linux

Checkout this repository

cd stikkit
cmake .
sudo make install

NOTE: you need to have libcurl-dev installed in your system


See stikkit --help for detailed help about options.

stikkit -b url
# now type text and hit ctrl+d to exit
cat file | stikkit -b url
echo "Hello world" | stikkit

url is an url to stikked server for example, if your server is http://something.blah/stikked and your api is http://something.blah/stikked/api then use http://something.blah/stikked as parameter to -b

The url parameter can be stored to configuration file (stikkit will ask you in case there is none in config file)


The default configuration pulls the URL from /etc/stikkit/url - however, the better approach is to create your own config directory.

The stikkit software will look for .stikkit in your home directory. Within this directory, there are a few key files worth creating.

  • url - Contains your base installation URL for stikked
  • apikey - If your stikked installation requires an API key, save it in here
  • expiry - The default expiry time (in minutes) for a paste, if needed
  • author - The default author name if you wish to use one
  • private - If you want to mark the paste as private (not visible in recent pastes), create this empty file


Do you have a server and want to setup default pastebin site for all users in system?

Create /etc/stikkit/url which contains the url of default pastebin site. Users will be able to override it, but by default everyone on system will use this