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A DSA command line client.
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What is this?

We've got a party of around half a dozen people and I got tired of keeping track of my health and astral points all the time so I thought I could make a command-line tool. There is a neat cli subcommand which keeps track of your health, stamina, and astral points via the command line interface, offering you a history and so on. In most of your rolls you will have to account for special stuff (fatigue, perks, etc.) yourself for now.

Furthermore the ruleset we use is a simplified version of DSA 4.1. Don't expect too much from this tool, it'll be highly customized.

How to build/use it?

Building is done via cargo since this is a Rust project. Most of the names and stuff are taken from the (German *shudder*) XML export of the Heldensoftware. You can roll for something like that:

cargo run -q -- --file helden-software-export.xml roll wettervorhersage


You can find the documentation for the current master on the GitHub pages for this project.


If you aren't into the cli thing you can always either adapt the code to give it a UI you prefer, or you can build around its CLI and use the JSON output to build a wrapper around it.

Will it have TUI?

Commit 477abed had some nice gauges and so on for tracking that, but I concentrated on making rolls early on to put this thing to actual use.

You can always use and as an example on what can be done with this tool so you could build a TUI or even GUI around what's there already.

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