liveuniq is uniq -c with some real-time output
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Ever had a webserver logfile that had IPs in it and you wanted to know the top talker? Ever received a continuous stream of repetitive lines and wanted to know which one was occurring most often?

That is usually a job for uniq -c, the problem with that is that you can't tail -f a file or receive an infinite stream of data.

We've solved that problem by just printing out the output of a uniq -c every 0.1 seconds.


Try it out!

Wanna see it yourself?

Just clone this repository and install stack. And follow those steps:

# build liveuniq
stack build

# get random two character strings and send them to liveuniq
base64 /dev/urandom -w 2 | stack exec liveuniq

# optionally install into your PATH (probably ~/.local/bin)
stack install

More Examples

The GitHub Repository has a Wiki, which in turn has an Example Page. I hope we can fill that one with examples soon.


ISC. There's a catch though, the library this code depends on is GPL. This seems to be fine, as long as you take care when redistributing binaries.

My personal comment on this is: stick to more free licenses than GPL. It saves so much trouble on these kinds of things.