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What is md.js?

md.js is a JavaScript file using pagedown to provide a simple and clean solution for serving good looking websites.

Why should I use md.js?

md.js's only goal is to make a website readable without JavaScript.

A side-effect is that you can write beautiful websites using Markdown.

And what happens if I use it?

Using md.js has a few effects:

  • a user browsing your website with a non-JS browser thinks something like

Hey, they take care of my browser. I like them!

Note that people using either links, lynx, NoScript or NotScript are usually people who can read Markdown.

  • you can write a website quite quick and easy
  • you do not need to worry about HTML anymore
  • the sites get more small due to the missing HTML overhead

The scripts are quite small if minified so if you have much HTML it might be worth a try. This is because the HTML is generated client-side.

  • the client's browser will need to parse and convert the Markdown

Not a great disadvantage due to the fact that the rendering is way more CPU-intensive.

More information on everything can be found in the demo.

So you got me, how do I use it?

Just include the needed files (markdown-converter.js and md.js) and create a pre tag and set it's class to mdconv.

The complete tag with all attributes will be replaced by a plain div, so be careful!

Do you hav.…

Yes we have an example, it resides on the gh-pages branch, also hosted here.


  • works great with bootstrap
  • AJAX is possible (if loadMarkdown() is called) but should not be used

md.js's only goal is to make a website readable without JavaScript.


MIT License.