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Simple fluent assertions for .NET. Available on NuGet.
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Simple fluent assertions for .NET.


Simple assertion:

    Ensure.That(myObject != null, problemDescription:"myObject is null.");

Assertion with suggestions for resolution in the failure case:

    Ensure.That(myObject != null, "myObject is null.",
                resolutionSuggestions:new[]{ "Make sure myObject is instantiated.", "Go make some more coffee." });

Custom exception type:

    Ensure.That<MyCustomException>(myObject != null, "myObject is null.");

Assertion chaining:

    Ensure.That<MyCustomException>(myObject != null, "myObject is null.")
          .And(myOtherObject != null, "myOtherObject is null.");

How to build and/or run the tests:

  1. Run /build/build.bat
  2. Type in the desired option
  3. Hit return

License & Copyright

This software is released under the GNU Lesser GPL. It is Copyright 2012, Ben Aston. I may be contacted at

How to Contribute

Pull requests including bug fixes, new features and improved test coverage are welcomed. Please do your best, where possible, to follow the style of code found in the existing codebase.

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