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On Call Cheatsheet

Login Problems

  • Ask what browser they are using
  • Ask the user to retry
  • Note down their name and username
  • send an email marked as 'Urgent' to, with cc'd requesting their addition to the group RBI-QHS-SECURITY-ICIS-DARWIN-EDITORIAL

Unable to Save

  • Try again - there are ocassionally intermittent problems
  • Check the deadline in the onboarding tool corresponds to the deadline with the history in ICIS London

Table Formatting

  • File everything you can in Darwin and the table in legacy. P&D will merge the result.

Report Not In Darwin

  • ask "are your region filters set correctly?"
  • check the onboarding tool, confirm that the date of the report is as expected


Browser Related

  • They should install Chrome, if they can't then they should call helpdesk on 3696 who can install Chrome for them


powershell ./Src/b.ps1 t

for $doc in doc() return xdmp:document-delete(xdmp:node-uri($doc))

xquery version "1.0-ml";

let $d := collection('Preferences') return $d;

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