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NOTE: This project includes some custom python scripting for generating parts of the design document from regular documents within the _docs directory. This readme includes special instructions for making sure this happens.

Getting Started

  1. Install this couchapp a. Get a couch from CouchOne or Cloudant or set up CouchDB on your desktop or server b. Install couchapp by running pip install couchapp or easy_install couchapp c. Clone this repo d. Create a .couchapprc in the root directory of this repo e. run couchapp push
  2. Edit the documents (the design document and the documents under _docs) and run couchapp push to update them.
  3. Run python fulfillment.py to update documents that are automatically processed or are generated from other documents. Then, push again. Some changes, especially changing the script renderer, require running couchapp push and python fulfillment.py more than once.

Sample .couchapprc: { "env": { "default": { "db": "https://bat:cleverpassword@bat.cloudant.com/kvjs" } } }


action items

  • implement separate page view and data view
  • add Showdown
  • add dustjs
  • add google caja
  • add rewrites
  • add markdown doc
  • make renderer use specified template and markdown body
  • use lib for modules instead of edocs

areas of focus

  • ...
  • get a proper build system going

I avoid yammering about my uber-clever plans before I attempt them, but I have other todos. If you're curious, find me online. I may tell you some of them. :)

DocEnv (draft)

DocEnv builds an environment around a document. There are also app environments. They contain the data, along with other objects. The document data would be at doc.data where doc is the DocEnv. The data might be wrapped at some point for easy traversal, and if it is, the original data might be at doc.raw. It might be cleared out if it gets invalidated and have to be regenerated.

The other types of objects might include edocs (a mechanism for updating embedded documents), page, site, script, and template.

There will also be circular links to the design doc's AppEnv and the DocEnv of the current doc. The AppEnv will also contain references to other docs under app.docs, and the DocEnv of other docs, that aren't current, will contain links to the AppEnv.

My intent is for the AppEnv to be the entry point most of the time.

The AppEnv on the client should be allowed to get out of sync with the AppEnv on the server. It should keep track of what needs to be updated on the server, preferably in a couchy way. It should provide CouchDB's interface with JavaScript methods. Finally, it should keep some uuids handy. :)

A DocEnv should be created by the AppEnv. Perhaps an AppEnv should have a prototype for creating DocEnvs.

Annotations, Stamping, Items (draft)

Some annotations, like those in Activity Streams format, could be built in. Others could be added later. Perhaps the ones added later would need to be specified in a metadata property for every document it's added to.


Copyright (c) 2011 Ben Atkin. Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.