a tea timer, built first for the web
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w2a-teatimer is a simple tea timer, which I built as a quick-and-dirty web app, and then ported to the iPhone and the Android.

Here's the web app: Tea Timer

I last built the native mobile apps in July 2010. I haven't yet verifified that the iPhone and Android versions still work.


  • Allows user to select a kind of tea (green or black).
  • Counts down from two minutes for green tea and five minutes for black tea.
  • Can be restarted simply by tapping or clicking a button.
  • Hasn't crashed on me on any platform.


  • Add an animation to show time running out. I was thinking an arc about 30 pixels wide that animates from being a full circle and diminishes along with the time until it disappears.
  • Do the web programming so it looks right on a mobile web device.

Getting involved

If this interests you, please email me, send a GitHub message, or fork and make a pull request.


Licensed under the terms of the MIT License, available in LICENSE.md.